Become a Gold Affiliate and Help To Secure Your Future

gold affiliatesI don’t know about you, but until recently, I didn’t know much about precious metals like gold and silver, and especially not investing in them.

Lots of people in the know have been saying to me for years to get into gold or silver investing and I never got the message.

Although I have seen many people make a fortune from investing, I have also seen people lose their life savings to, and I am cautious by nature and so have resisted until recently.

Here the example that turned me around:

If you had invested $10k in gold in 2002, it would now be over $60k in value, a six hundred percent return on ten years or so! Unfortunately, most people who invested in stocks instead have lost most of their investments.

This is why a gold affiliate program is not just about making you serious money, but about helping other people see a great return on their investments. You can help people maximize their IRA or protect their 401K.

Gold has worked for five thousand years, and now that the Federal Reserve and self-serving politicians have been called out by people like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff for simply printing money too much money and devaluing the US dollar, people are starting to get it.

If things continue like this, the system will literally fall apart and the dollar in the working persons pocket will be worth almost nothing.

So to stop the rot, investing in gold and silver is the smart thing to do, something real and tangible.

See the short video below from Regal Assets:

Regal Assets have one of the best affiliate programs in the world, with HUGE payouts and not that many affiliates know about it.

You can sign up here and it’s free.

3% of the Sale

This is unheard of in the industry as the norm is around 1% at best. One affiliate recently earned over $9000 in one commission as many people are putting their IRA’s and 401K into gold, so the potential is massive.

You can also earn $30 for each qualified lead.

Lifetime Customer

Get this, each client you get, you keep!

This means if they decided to continue investing with Regal Assets, you will get the commission without doing any more work. This is the only way to go for affiliate marketing and I know this works and its power from my experience as an affiliate in the natural supplements field for many years.

Your Own Website

You get your own full operational website to start you off, so you can drive traffic to that if you don’t want one of your own.

EACH page has your unique code in so you can link to any page and still be sure that you will receive the commissions.

Quality Marketing Materials

The main one is a simple high converting lead capture form to put on your own website.

There are numerous high quality images and banners, even real time precious metal prices which you can easily put on your own site or blog. These also include testimonials from industry leaders and many more including tables, charts, videos and more.

Check out a sample landing page you can use by clicking here.

Real Time Stats

One of the things that blew me away was that you can see the progress of any client in your affiliate area. You can see the lead, the consultants notes, the progress, all dated and confirmed.

The opportunity really is one of those rare occasions where it’s a WIN-WIN situation, a win for you and a win for the customer.

If you’d like to get on board, check out the gold affiliate program page, and get started straight away. A recent affiliate made $2100 on the very first lead he sent us!

Sign up here:

Regal assets are one of the most reputable precious metal dealers in the US and have the highest BBB rating, an A+.

Of course if you would rather invest in gold and silver rather than become an affiliate, then visit the Regal Assets website for more information and your FREE gold investment kit (valued at $99).

If you would like more specific details on rolling your 401K or IRA into gold, then see the gold IRA page for more information.

So, here’s a recap for you:

$30 per lead (name and phone)

$30 per call (pay per call over 10 minutes)

3% of the gross investment amount (12x higher payout than similar companies who only pay 0.25%)

Sub ID tracking

A pre-made gold/silver site with your tracking already built in

Your own 800 number that tracks back to you for all calls, in real-time

Tutorial videos, including a walkthrough of my own example site, which did $455k in sales in 5 days ($12k commission)

2% second tier commission (if you refer an affiliate who makes sales, you earn 2% on the sales they refer)

Regal Assets have many affiliates earning $10k/month and more. The top affiliate has been paid out well over $1 million.

To get in on the action, go to

With the economy and worldwide currencies in their current state, gold and silver have a very strong future. Now is the time!

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.